Arabella Giving Back


“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”  Ben Carson


Skills Development

  • - First Aid course is completed by one worker every 3 years. Valid for 3 years.
  • - Safe handling of Chemicals Course is completed by one worker every year.
  • - Pruning course is done yearly by 40 workers.
  • - Every second year a forklift course is completed by an average of 9 workers.
  • - Spray operator course is also completed yearly and is examined yearly by a doctor to confirm that workers are still healthy.
  • - We are open for learnerships. Students are able to help in the cellar during harvest time to further their work experience and training.


Social Development

  • - We sponsor the Tug of War team entries yearly for the Robertson Show. Workers are sent to the show on the Friday to enjoy the competition.
  • - Funds were provided for a worker to buy a vehicle to start his own transport business.
  • - Transport is provided for the workers Rugby & Netball teams. We also supply Lime for the Rugby field.



  • - The playschool and Anna Foundation provide teachers and learning aids to workers children during the day when their parents are at work.



  • - Robertson Risk Management project ensures the safety of workers and their belongings on our and surrounding farms.


Repairs and Maintenance

  • - Workers houses are kept in good condition. Repairs are done when needed. This includes painting, electrical or building repairs etc.
  • - Solar powered geysers were installed to ensure all houses on the farm have warm water.